Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about the frequently asked questions we are asked about Adore Diamonds and our exclusive club memberships. Have any other questions? Feel free to contact our team directly.

Adore Diamonds is a membership service for the monthly rental of beautiful designer diamond jewellery. 

James Hobson is the Principal and owner of Adore Diamonds. 

You are more than welcome to attend our offices in Sevenoaks, just make an appointment and come in.

Once your membership has been accepted you pay a security deposit and monthly rental fee and receive a stunning piece of diamond jewellery from leading designer brands to enjoy for that month. At the end of the monthly rental period, you return the item and receive another.

You can stop your membership at any time by giving 30 days’ notice.

The standard rental window is one month. However, by prior arrangement, you can extend the rental for a further consecutive month for a maximum of three consecutive months of rental in total before it must be returned.

The piece of jewellery will be presented in its original designer branded packaging. This packaging and returns pack is contained within a plain packaged, water-proof, armoured box. You must retain all the packaging and follow the easy steps to return the item. All items are sent and returned by pre-paid Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed service.

You can only purchase an item within your rental period and at the sole discretion of, not all pieces are for sale.

An item returned late is subject to a late returns fee equivalent to twice the daily pro rata monthly rental for each day it is late, this is applied at the sole discretion of Adore Diamonds. 

Adore Diamonds offers you in excess of £80,000. worth of diamond jewellery for £3,000. a year. It would take the equivalent of 27 years to buy just one year of inventory.

Diamonds are always in fashion. Each piece is curated and crafted by leading designer brands and almost timeless in presentation. A monthly rental gives you just enough time to enjoy it before the next one arrives.

Adore Diamonds uses an international network of accredited professional buyers together with designer branded boutiques to acquire the finest most sought-after diamond jewellery. Our main transactional cities are London, Paris and New York.

Adore Diamonds is constantly adding to the inventory as the number of our members continues to grow.

The jewellery is always presented in perfect condition. Upon return to us each piece is inspected for damage or signs of wear and tear and to prevent fraud. Once the piece has been signed off and back into inventory it is then rigorously professionally cleaned and polished before being placed ready for rental.

Rings are available in set sizes; your Private Concierge will discuss ring sizing with you to ensure if you wish to receive rings they are an appropriate fit for you to enjoy.

Reasonable wear and tear is accounted for in the rental agreement. Significant damage or total loss is the responsibility of the member to replace the item at the NRV.

Adore Diamonds is responsible for the piece while it is in transit to or from our headquarters, all other times when the piece has been received by the member they are responsible for the item and its total value. They can be insured independently by the member.

We use a credit scoring matrix to support our membership selection process.

We use a leading UK third party provider, enabling you to prove your identity and UK address using their online application securely and confidentially.

In early 2022, we look forward to inviting our members to our new office and club lounge on Old Bond Street in London. You can make an appointment to see us at our offices in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Currently only Elite membership clients are permitted to enjoy membership when not domicile in the UK for tax purposes.